Website Optimization

Building a strong marketing tool..

A working session - bring your laptop or tablet.

Web Optimization

What you learn

  • You will learn how to attract traffic to your website.

  • You will learn to understand the value of using good keywords to gain higher status on search engines.

  • You will learn how LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media can boost your Internet traffic.

  • You will learn how to measure and track traffic to your website and how to tie it in with your overall marketing program.
Web optimization


4:30 pm - Thursday - June 21st

  • Session starts promptly at 4:30 and finishes at 5:45 pm

  • Questions: 5:45 to 6:15 pm

  • Coffee - refreshments


Cost: Member/$30 pp Non-member/$60 pp for each set of two sessions


Still Creek Press Boardroom, 3988 Still Creek Avenue Burnaby

Web Optimization


Kris Bovay Kris Bovay will share the techniques on how to attract traffic to your website including how to use keywords that will get a better placement with the search engines. She manages a number of websites and has done a considerable amount of research and has significant hands-on experience on successful website marketing and management. She will demonstrate the importance of content to bring traffic to your website. Kris will also share how to measure and evaluate traffic which will in turn provide a guide to improving your website's performance.

Many of us have set up a website but don't keep the information current. Kris will show how updating regularly and linking with social media can increase traffic and interest.

“It doesn't matter how great your website looks if it doesn't get viewed“, Kris says, “getting people to your site is the first important lesson - building content that keeps people coming back is also important because your website should be a live extension of your business that can be available for potential customers 24/7”.


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