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In The News - May 2012

Frank's Impressions of Drupa 2012

Frank Romano

The first thing that hits you is the sheer size of it all. It takes 30 minutes just to walk from one side of the messe to the other.

The day before the formal opening Heidelberg had its traditional press conference. But they were usurped by Landa which also revealed its new nano graphic printing. In fact, HEI is partnering with Landa on a future printing device.

The Landa news became the hottest topic at the show. Their nano ink can print on any substrate from paper to film. The ink is delivered by inkjet heads. And it lays down a thickness half that of offset which means less ink cost. Landa has also partnered with Komori and manroland.

Digital printing was the hottest technology. Xeikon switched from powdered toner to liquid toner. Delphax is using Memjet inkjet heads in one model as is Canon/Oce. B2 digital printers abound.

Sheeted or roll-fed, digital printing was the key process at Drupa. Most of the suppliers upped the speed; some increased the sheet size. All have high-dpi quality.

The finishing folks were all over--offline or integrated into the digital printer. There was a lot of built-in quality control and automated workflow software.

Hybrid printing was everywhere. Presstek and all offset manufacturers have inkjet at the back end of the press for spot personalization.

So far, there have been 22 press conferences. All announced something new but in many cases it is a year or more away. So keep making money with what you have so you can afford the new stuff.

Frank Romano

Frank Romano Receives Kodak's Print Ambassador Lifetime Achievement Award


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