Roy Osing

Roy Osing

A leading senior executive in the Canadian Telecommunication industry and widely recognized Author, Speaker, Educator, Coach and Business Advisor, Roy Osing’s career spans over three decades of singular achievement.

Osing knows what it takes for businesses to survive in today’s chaotic times and achieve extraordinary levels of performance. As current president and CEO of the consulting firm Brilliance for Business, Osing brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the complex challenges businesses face in the contemporary global economy.

“‘I had trouble putting this book down. In these challenging times this is exactly what business leaders need to weather the storm. Be Different or Be Dead by Roy Osing is bang on for sales people, marketing executives, entrepreneurs and owner operators. Learn from Roy…I did!’ – Dr. Peter Legge, CEO/Chairman/Publisher Canada Wide Media Limited

He is the Author of the groundbreaking book “BE DiFFERENT or be dead: Your Business Survival Guide” which teaches practical and proven ways for organizations to distinguish themselves from the competitive herd and thrive and survive the unforgiving challenges of a chaotic and highly unpredictable marketplace.

He is actively promoting his work through Workshop Events, Keynote Addresses and Media Exposure. In addition, Roy regularly publishes Blog Articles on his BE DiFFERENT Practices to help organizations better understand and implement his ideas.

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