Kris Bovay

Kris Bovay – known primarily in the printing industry for her role as General Manager, Pacific Bindery Services Ltd., and for her past work experiences in the paper manufacturing industry – has also owned a business and marketing services company, Voice Marketing Inc., since 2001.

Kris' experiences working in small, medium and large businesses during the past 28 years range from developing strategic business and marketing plans, leading successful product launches, managing people and businesses, to publishing websites and developing social networking plans.

Working with people throughout her career to achieve exceptional results, Kris has learned the power of networking firsthand. Adept at engaging stakeholders in the process, she has worked on committees and boards of a number of non-profit associations and, in business, she has managed people, departments, businesses and projects.

Kris likes to work within teams to accomplish specific objectives and to develop the most effective solutions to problems. In her direct work experiences, she has held the responsibility for new product development, product management, new market development, strategic development, building marketing mix strategies and tactics, human resources management and programs, customer service management, North American sales of specialty products, leadership programs, and more.

Kris has a master's degree in business administration, with a specialty in public relations and marketing communications. During her working career, she has committed to, and invested in, ongoing professional education and development at Queen's University, University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University, Royal Roads University and the British Columbia Institute of Technology. As a sessional instructor at the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BC's largest post secondary institution) for the past three years, Kris teaches business ethics and business workplace practices within the Graphic Communications Technology program.

Kris has lived in Metro Vancouver for most of her life and has traveled North America extensively for business; she also travels outside of North America – primarily for pleasure!

From Kris' perspective, networking is both an art and a science: the art of networking requires you to be genuinely interested in working with and helping others; and the science of networking is about developing your structure and plan – and sticking to it. Kris’ most effective networking technique: focus on what you can do for others and they, in turn, will help you achieve your goals.