Donna Willon

Donna Willon ‐ Focused Networking Ltd. practices Networking ExtraordinaireWith over 30 years in business management, Donna Willon recognizes the need for small business to develop a solid foundation. She feels that developing the ability to network effectively is key for success in growing your business.

Donna established Focused Networking Ltd. (The FNL Group) in 1994; becoming a leader in networking. Within three months, she had launched three networking chapters in Metro Vancouver. By 1996, with eight chapters and over 200 members; Focused Networking had become Vancouver's answer for business professionals who wanted to improve their networking skills.

With a passion for people and a zest for life, you can’t miss the moment when Donna enters the room. She understands the power of networking and her energy shines through at every event and in every aspect of THE FNL Group. Donna is a respected authority on networking and an asset to her members and local business associations.

With a keen sense of vision, Donna continues to expand on her networking business by listening to her members and other local business people, she recognizes opportunities to help bring networking to the next level. The FNL Group has developed a program for advanced networking. It has also built a one-to-one life coaching or business advising program that is designed to help business people who are focused on achieving excellence through self-discovery, highlighting commitment, integrity, trustworthiness and loyalty. This program helps increase your efficiency, resulting in dynamic business growth with a dramatic increase in profits on your bottom line.

Donna is active in the local business communities, providing motivational speeches and workshops, on such topics as Networking and Bringing Balance to Your Life, to local business groups, educational institutions and associations.